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Watch for Increased Injuries When the Warm Weather Approaches The Lehigh Valley and Western New Jersey

sun clipart.gifIf you live in the Lehigh Valley or in Warren County, New Jersey, the warm weather will be here soon. If you were to interview Emergency Room staff in the local hospitals such as St. Luke's, Lehigh Valley Hospital, or St. Luke's Warren, the staff may comment that there is a significant rise in injuries during the summer months. This is a phenomenon that has been in existence for a long time. It is human nature to spend more time outside during the summer months. From participating in more sporting events to working longer hours outside with machinery, the risk of injuries nearly doubles. One group which experiences this increased risk of injury is seasonal summer workers.

Seasonal Workers are Prone to Injuries. Know Your Rights!

seasonal job.jpgAs the Holiday Season approaches, people often search for ways to make extra money in order to buy that perfect Christmas gift. People young and old eagerly fill positions at malls and Christmas tree farms hiring seasonal help. Unfortunately, seasonal workers statistically tend to suffer injuries more than the "year-round" employees.

Will the Federal Gov. Become Involved in Workers' Compensation?

workers3 comp.jpgDuring the last 13 years, at least 30 states have changed laws designed to protect injured workers - to the detriment of employees. The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) recently concluded that this trend to the bottom creates a tremendous risk for injured workers to tailspin into poverty. And the federal government is considering stepping in.

Report Your Work Accident Before It Is Too Late!

workers comp2.jpgIn today's fast-paced work world, every employee is trying to meet a constant deadline. Over the years of handling thousands of workers' compensation matters, I have seen numerous employees suffer injuries while attempting to finish jobs in a quick manner. Often, the worker does not initially report their injury. Instead, the worker simply turns to the next task at hand and continues working.

New Jersey Construction Accidents

workers3 comp.jpgHundreds of accidents occur on construction sites across New Jersey. Just last week there was a horrible accident in Hanover, New Jersey where two workers were killed. Therefore, it is important to have an understanding of Workers' Compensation insurance on work sites in order to determine the proper course of action following a construction accident in New Jersey.

Workers' Comp vs. Personal Injury

89490703-xs.jpgIf you have sustained an injury at your place of work and are no longer able to perform your assigned job duties as a result, you are almost certainly eligible to receive workers' compensation benefits. It is important to note, however, that you may also be entitled to collect damages from a third party or, if you meet very stringent criteria, from your employer by filing a personal injury lawsuit. The Pennsylvania workers' comp experts of the law firm of Winegar Wilhelm Glynn & Roemersma can evaluate your circumstances and advise you of the best course of action to take in your particular case. 

Medicare Compensation Bill Introduced

Injured workers who are either on medicare or have a reasonable expectation of being on medicare within 30 months and have settled a case for $250,000, must obtain medicare approval. The medicare standards are presently found in memorandums issued by CMS.These memorandums are notorious for containing language such as "these rules can be changed at any time by CMS". Injured workers are faced with a dilemma: either settle the compensation case with the risk of medicare changing the rules at any time or try the compensation case to a conclusion. Hopefully, the end to this horrible problem may be in sight. In May of this year, new legislation was introduced called the "Medicare Secondary Payer and Workers' Compensation Settlement Act of 2007" . The bill attempts to create clear and concise guidelines for workers compensation attorneys. 

Do you have unpaid medical bills?

Unfortunately, many workers who suffer an injury require hospitalization and surgery. Under the New Jersey Compensation System, the compensation carrier has the right to control your medical care. If the compensation carrier denies your case, you will receive medicals bills in the mail. THIS IS AN OVERWHELMING EXPERIENCE. The medical bills sent by a hospital are generally high when you do not have medical insurance and the compensation carrier refuses to pay those bills. If an insurance company is involved, the medical bills get "repriced". In other words, the insurance company tells the hospital it is willing to pay a smaller amount. The hospital generally cannot then balance bill the patient. However, when there is no insurance company, injured workers should contact the hospital and ask about a charity care program. Charity Care programs allow injured workers with no insurance to pay a substantially lower amount for medical bills.

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