Misdemeanor Criminal Offenses

When you are charged with a traffic offense, driving under the influence, or a common crime, you could be facing the loss of your driving privileges, steep fines and even incarceration time.

Our attorneys will work vigorously to defend your best interests. The criminal justice system seeks quick resolutions to criminal matters. Without experienced legal representation, you may be facing penalties that can seriously affect your ability to work.

What is considered a misdemeanor crime?

Crimes considered misdemeanors under the law include but are not limited to:

  • Driving on a suspended/revoked license. Traffic offenses can make it difficult to get to work. Driving with a suspended license can lead to further license suspension and possibly jail. If you are a commercial driver, your very livelihood can be at risk.
  • DUI/DWI. One of the most common types of criminal cases is driving under the influence. Many people charged with a DUI make the mistake of not hiring a lawyer and simply pleading guilty; but the penalties for DUI can be economically devastating. The penalties for a DUI conviction can include a license suspension, ignition interlock, fines, and even jail.
  • Drug possession. The severity of a drug possession charge is dependent on a number of factors, including the type and quantity of drugs, the location of the crime, prior convictions, purpose of possession and various other circumstances.
  • Assault. An individual may be charged with assault for acting in a manner that causes another to feel they are in immediate harm, for attempting to physically strike or harm another individual, or for actually striking another. Prosecutors may seek a conviction for aggravated assault if the person causes severe injury or uses a deadly weapon to injure another.

We Will Defend You

Nothing is guaranteed, which is why you need an experienced attorney to defend your rights. Our attorneys will meet with you to discuss your situation, the best course of action, and what you can expect throughout the duration of your case.

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