FAQs From Claimants

Transition period from work force to disability: Since there is a 12 month period you must be disabled, you will not be paid while not working for at least 12 months. This is a major issue for most applicants.

Unemployment during period claimed to be disabled: There is overlap where you may be able to recover both unemployment and social security disability (severe physical restrictions). Generally, the ALJ (Administration Law Judge) will not provide SSD benefits for the period you receive unemployment.

What are the chances of winning? Major factors include 1) type of disability 2) age (55 and older is easier) 3) education level and 4) past work.

Using Disability Groups that help with your appeal: This is not recommended beause most of the groups charge the same contingency fee and are not local (and may not be attorneys).

What if you apply for benefits and then return back to work? You can obtain a closed period of benefits as long as the period of time is over 12 months.