Trial Work Period

First, during any 5 year period, a claimant can receive earnings above a pre-determined amount for a total of 9 months for a trial work period and receive both wages from the new job and social security benefits.

  • The "month" is triggered by earning wages over a set threshold assigned to each respective year. For example, in 2010, the threshold is $720.

Second, once the claimant accrues 9 months of earnings from a job, a second level of analysis is applied by the Social Security Administration.

  • Now, SSA will review your earnings from the job every month, and consider if the claimant earns wages approve another pre-determined threshold dollar amount for the respective year. For each month the claimant earns more than this amount, the is an overpayment and the SSA will request the claimant to pay back that month's payment.

Third, a claimant's continued earnings at this point will trigger a "Continuing Disability Review" and the SSA will take a fresh look at the claimant's ability to receive disability benefits and his/her ability to work.

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