Workers' Compensation in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act governs workers' compensation claims in Pennsylvania. Under the Act, there are numerous requirements placed on injured employees. For example, you must notify your employer of your injury within 120 days of suffering the injury.

In addition, you must obtain treatment from a "panel doctor" within the first 90 days of reporting a work-related injury. The panel doctor is paid by your employer or your employer's workers' compensation insurance carrier. If you do not meet with the panel doctor, you may lose your right to benefits. Finally, you should be receiving money while you are out of work. You don't have to return to work until you are cleared by your doctor.

Uncertain of Next Steps? We Can Help.

These are just examples of the eligibility requirements placed on injured workers prior to receiving workers' compensation benefits. Workers' compensation in Pennsylvania is a complex and nuanced area of the law.

At Winegar, Wilhelm, Glynn & Roemersma, P.C., we are a local and experienced workers' compensation law firm that has been helping injured workers throughout eastern Pennsylvania for many years. Our lawyers are responsive to your questions and concerns, which is why our office responds to calls within 24 business hours. Your workers' comp benefits are vital to obtaining the medical care you need and to pay bills following a work injury. We take your claim as seriously as you do.

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Having a workers' compensation attorney by your side can be invaluable. With office locations in Bethlehem, Belvidere and Phillipsburg, we can meet you near your home or workplace. You can call us at any of our three office locations or reach us confidentially online here.

Have more questions? Read our Pennsylvania workers' compensation FAQ page.