PA Workers' Compensation FAQ

How do I pay my bills since I cannot work?

Under the Pennsylvania Compensation Act, you are entitled to receive Temporary Total Disability Benefits for the time period during which you are out of work, under medical restriction, and suffer a wage loss. Temporary Total Disability Benefits are generally 66 2/3 % of your gross weekly earnings.

Are there any other sources of income I can use besides workers' compensation?

As long as your treating doctor has released you to return to "some" level of work, you can apply for Unemployment Benefits. You can apply online or by a simple phone call.

How can my workers' compensation benefits end?

Under Pennsylvania Law, the money benefits cannot be stopped without a Court Order. The Compensation Carrier can file various "Petitions" with the Compensation Court to stop your benefits. For example, the Compensation Carrier can allege the injury that continues to keep you out of work is no longer related to the work accident or that you failed to look for work or refused a reasonable job offer.

Can I work for another employer while receiving benefits?

Under the Pennsylvania Compensation Act, if you receive any wages after your work accident, you must inform the compensation carrier immediately. Failure to inform the insurance carrier can result in criminal and civil actions being filed against you. In the event you receive a job offer, contact our office to discuss your rights and obligations.

Do I have to accept a job offer from the compensation carrier?

If the job is within your treating physician's restrictions and the job is in your usual employment area, you should accept the job. On the other hand, if the job is outside the medical restrictions of your treating doctor, you should contact our office to discuss your rights. Under some circumstances, you will not be required to accept a job outside your medical restrictions.

If we go to trial and win, do I receive a lump sum award?

No. Unlike a pain and suffering lawsuit, a workers compensation case requires the Court to simply determine whether the benefits stop or continue. You may receive a lump sum amount of money, but this lump sum will only represent past benefits due. Only a settlement reached by all parties can result in a lump sum amount of money.


If you have made a claim in another work-related accident or a motor vehicle accident for the same part of the body, your name will be there and they will have this information. You are therefore urged to be absolutely honest with us in your answers throughout handling your case.

What do I do if I can no longer physically perform the job I have?

If you return back to work for the "time of the injury" employer (your employer at the time you were injured) and you have problems performing your job, contact your treating physician immediately. Should the treating doctor change your medical restrictions, provide a copy to your employer.

What if I need more medical treatment and the carrier is refusing to pay for it?

Under the Pennsylvania Compensation Laws, the workers compensation insurance carrier is obligated to pay your medical bills until you reach Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI). If medical treatment is not being paid the compensation carrier, contact our office immediately.

What do I do if I have been terminated or discriminated against when I return to work?

Some clients after a work injury encounter problems when attempting to return to work. If you are terminated from employment, or are discriminated against due to a work accident, you must consult an employment attorney.

Do I have a claim against anyone besides my employer if I've been injured in an accident?

Possibly. Although you are bound by the compensation act of Pennsylvania to sue your employer in the workers compensation forum, you may have a case against some other than your employer, such as the manufacturer of defective equipment.

What types of settlements are possible?

There is one main type of settlement in Pennsylvania called a "Compromise and Release". This type of settlement considers both your medical benefits and your money benefits. It is possible to settle one without the other. Call our office to discuss this matter. At the time of any settlement in your case, we will discuss these issues with you.


The information contained in this brief statement is necessarily general in its terms. Each and every case we have in our office is handled on an individual basis. Although one attorney is assigned to your case and has the responsibility for it, you have the benefit and assistance of the entire firm, including non-legal staff, in connection with the case.

We will make an effort to keep you informed by sending you copies of all papers, but it is impossible for us to call you and give you a report on this case every week. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Always contact us if you are getting worse or acquire new injuries. If you ever receive any documents from the compensation carrier or your employer regarding your accident, please contact our office and send us a copy.