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Month: February 2013


NY PASSES TOUGHEST GUN CONTROL LAW IN U.S.On January 15, 2012, New York passed the NY-SAFE Act, which is currently the toughest assault-weapons ban in the country. While the law has many components, one of the more controversial provisions is a reductionin the...

New Jersey Marijuana Laws

As discussed in previous blogs, New Jersey has given the green light to six marijuana dispensaries. However, to date, only one has opened, with the other five not slated to open anytime soon.This has put a strain on the sole open dispensary located at the Greenleaf...

Outdated New Jersey Laws?

New Jersey legislators are considering reviewing their books and eradicating some of the more antiquated and out-dated laws. Some laws still refer to East Jersey and West Jersey. East and West Jersey became simply New Jersey way back in 1702.FYI, it's currently legal...


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