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The dangers of working in the summer heat

sun.jpgFor many, warm summer weather is a welcomed after a long, cold winter. However, summer heat can pose its dangers, especially for those individuals who work outside.

When you work outside, hot temperatures could put you at risk for heat stress, which can lead to heat-related illnesses.

    Four common types of heat illnesses include:

    • Heat exhaustion
    • Heat rash
    • Heat cramps
    • Heat stroke

    These conditions can cause various types of harm, and they can become quite severe. Some heat-related illnesses, such as heat stroke, have the potential to be life-threatening.

    Because of these dangers, heat stress prevention is very important for outdoor workers this time of the year. Here are a few ways to reduce the chances of heat stress and heat-related illnesses:

    • Drink plenty of water
    • Take an appropriate amount of breaks to rest from the heat
    • Be trained on the safety precautions involved with working in hot temperatures
    • Put limits on strenuous work in the heat

    When heat-related illnesses do strike, it is critical for workers to promptly get the appropriate medical care. Also, making sure workers' compensation matters are properly addressed can is very important. Skilled work injury lawyers can assist victims of workplace heat-related illnesses with navigating the complexities of workers' comp claims.

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