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Lawsuits Over Misdiagnosis and the Failure to Diagnose

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2015 | Personal Injury

The attorneys of Wilhelm & Roemersma are among the 145175086.jpgpremiere litigators in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They fight diligently for their clients, providing expert counsel and guidance in complicated matters. This includesmedical malpractice lawsuits involving doctor mistakes and surgical errors.

A common and costly mistake make by many doctors involves problems with diagnosis. Let’s take a moment right now to consider these matters right now.

Proper Diagnosis Is Key for Efficient Medical Care

In order to get the right medical treatment for a serious condition, it’s imperative that doctors properly diagnose the health problem. Correct diagnosis early on can prevent a minor health issue from becoming more serious, and can also ensure that treatments are initiated immediately.

Sadly, a number of doctors can miss warning signs of a serious health problem. When this occurs, it’s important that a doctor be held accountable for such a costly mistake. These kinds of doctor errors can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Misdiagnosis Can Have Serious Repercussions

When a condition is misdiagnosed, the wrong kind of treatment may be administered.

For example, a patient may be diagnosed with a bacterial infection of some kind when in reality the patient suffers from a viral infection. If a doctor prescribes antibiotics, these will not be able to address the viral infection at all; antiviral medication is the only proper treatment option.

Another example of misdiagnosis involves major medical treatments for minor health issues. In drastic cases, this could mean unnecessary surgery for a minor health issue that could have been treated with medications or other kinds of less invasive therapies.

Failure to Diagnose Delays Crucial Medical Care

A failure to diagnose can prove far worse.

If a patient start suffering from a terminal illness, a doctor’s failure to diagnose the condition means a major delay in life-saving treatment. By diagnosing and treating a terminal illness as soon as possible, the chances of a patient surviving are much higher.

In another example, a patient may be starting to suffer from glaucoma, a serious condition that results in irreversible vision loss. If a doctor doesn’t diagnose the glaucoma in its early stages, a patient can experience major vision loss. Earlier diagnosis of glaucoma could have meant immediate treatment/management of glaucoma and preservation of the patient’s vision.

Holding Medical Professionals Accountable for Negligence

Doctors who make mistakes in diagnosis need to be held accountable for these errors. Medical malpractice lawyers will look into the circumstances of your case. Noting medical records and other evidence, they will help demonstrate that the doctor acted negligently in ignoring or missing obvious signs of a serious health problem.

Your medical malpractice attorney will fight diligently for you, seeking damages for additional medical expenses, lost wages, and lost earning potential if the medical condition resulted in a long-term dis ability or impairment. Having a skilled attorney on your side means you and your loved ones can focus on recovery rather than the complexities of the litigation process and various nuances of the legal system.

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For more information about your legal rights following a failure to properly diagnose a health problem, be sure to contact our personal injury law firm today. The attorneys of Wilhelm & Roemersma will fight for you in your time of legal need.

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