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Tips for keeping spring cleaning safe

Thumbnail image for cleaning products.jpgMany people take on major home cleaning projects during the spring time. While many projects do not appear to be unsafe, it is still important to remember that cleaning supplies involving chemicals can post a risk. There are certain risks that can arise in connection to spring cleaning. Today, we'll go over tips for staying safe when it comes to using cleaners.

Can divorced parents be forced to pay for their child's college expenses?

college expenses.jpgA common child support issue is financial obligation to a child's college-related expenses. College is expensive, and many parents have concerns when it comes to paying for their children's education after high school. It is easy to assume that both parents would be responsible for all educational expenses after a divorce, but that is not always the case.

Most educational expense issues for child support are addressed during the divorce process. However, when there is no agreement in place, the obligation of the divorced parents to pay for their child's college-related expenses will depend upon the state.

How do you know when you should file for bankruptcy?

bankrupt.jpgFalling into debt is easy to do but hard to admit. Most people feel a shame about having a large amount of debt, feeling like they have failed somehow. While these feelings are common, it does not mean they are valid.

People fall into debt for a lot of reasons. Hospital bills, student loans, a mortgage, or vet bills are just a few things that can cause an individual to accumulate debt. Sometimes, all these bills converge on you at once, and you feel like there is no hope of paying your creditors off. If it all becomes too much, should you file for bankruptcy?

Here are four situations in which you should consider filing for bankruptcy:

New vehicle technologies raise hacking concerns

cars with tech.jpgFrom infotainment systems to new auto safety features, cars are getting increasingly high-tech. These systems are bringing all kinds of benefits; however, they may also be presenting new risks for vehicle owners and occupants such as hacking dangers.

As software comes to play a bigger role in cars, the number of vehicle functions and systems that cyberattacks could potentially disrupt grows. Unfortunately, it is likely they will continue to grow as self-driving systems become more developed and connected vehicles become more common.

Pennsylvania ranked No. 2 in the U.S. for winter driving dangers

winter road conditions.jpgWinter can be a dangerous time to be out driving on the roads. Sleet, freezing rain, snow, ice and other winter weather can create significant accident risks. A recent study points to Pennsylvania being among the most dangerous places in the U.S. when it comes to winter driving.

The study looked at federal data to see how many traffic fatalities related to winter weather occurred in each state between 2013 and 2017, ranking the states based on the total. It found that Pennsylvania had 197 winter-related traffic deaths over the 2013-2017 period. This was the second highest total in the entire country behind Michigan with 282 deaths.

When can my landlord legally evict me?

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for eviction.jpgA common misconception for many new Landlords is that they can terminate a lease upon its expiration or for any other reason they chose.

However, New Jersey law is clear that a lease will continuously renew unless a Tenant is properly evicted for good cause.

In New Jersey, a residential Landlord can only evict his or her Tenant if he or she proves in Court one of the "good causes" set forth under the Anti-Eviction Act, specifically N.J.S.A. 2A:18-61.1.

What can be done to prevent space heater fires?

space heater.jpgKeeping the house warm during the winter can be a challenge. Homeowners sometimes turn to space heaters to help keep their houses warm and cozy. However, there are certain things homeowners need to be aware of when using space heaters.

Space heaters can pose fire risks. During winter months, space heaters are a top cause of house fires. These fires can do extensive property damage and expose homeowners and their families to significant injures.

What to do if you slip on ice

Thumbnail image for watch for ice.jpgThere are many precautions individuals can take to avoid slip-and-fall accidents during the winter season.

However, even with taking such precautions, situations may still arise where you come across an icy patch and start falling. Therefore, it is important to know what do.

Safety tips for walking in icy conditions

shoveling.jpgOutdoor slip-and-fall accidents can be very harmful and expose a person to major sprains, broken bones, head trauma and other significant injuries.

During the winter season, there can be an increased risk of slip-and-falls due to the icy conditions that can develop on walkways. However, there are precautions individuals can take in order to address these risks and stay safe on icy paths.

Staying safe on the roads this winter

Thumbnail image for driving in snow.jpgWinter can bring certain dangers including traffic safety hazards posed by cold temperatures, snow and ice. While driving in poor weather conditions can be difficult, there are some steps drivers can take to protect themselves from possible dangers.

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