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Staying safe on the roads this winter

Thumbnail image for driving in snow.jpgWinter can bring certain dangers including traffic safety hazards posed by cold temperatures, snow and ice. While driving in poor weather conditions can be difficult, there are some steps drivers can take to protect themselves from possible dangers.

Common workers compensation injuries in the restaurant industry

restaurant.jpgIt can be demanding to work in the food and beverage service industry. Your body is often the pushcart for all types of duties to make everyone in the back and front of the house happy. Not only do restaurant workers exert energy for long hours, but it is often fast-paced and overall exhausting at the end of each day.

If you have an unexpected injury on the job, it makes life more complicated, and the hardship of recovery and expenses are at the forefront of your mind. Work injuries may devour your savings, or if you don't have any savings, put you in a tight financial bind. Workers compensation exists as insurance for workers and helps decrease the devastation of the recovery process.

What's the difference between custody and guardianship?

child holding hands.jpgWhile issues regarding family care are usually considered to be the most private issues in our personal lives, sometimes the legal system must be used to determine who can make decisions on behalf of a loved one. Most commonly, these situations occur through divorce or the incapacity of a child or other family member.

Custody and guardianship often get confused for one another. In reality, they are far from similar.

New Pennsylvania law classifies DUI as a felony

handcuffs and judge.jpgLast month, a new DUI law went into effect in Pennsylvania. Under prior Pennsylvania DUI law, repeat DUI offenses were misdemeanor offenses. Under the new law, there are now certain DUI offenses that are classified as felony crimes.

Under the new law, a four or more DUI offenses are (generally) now a felony. Meanwhile, a third DUI offense is a felony only under certain circumstances. For example, if the BAC of the driver was at least twice the legal limit and the crime occurred within ten years of the prior offenses, it would be considered a felony. Second DUI offenses generally still fall into the misdemeanor level, with some exceptions that vary based on circumstance.

Drunk driving is behind many New Jersey and Pennsylvania traffic deaths

Thumbnail image for drunk driving 3.jpgDespite laws against drunk driving and widespread public awareness of its dangers, drunk driving continues to have a major presence out on U.S. roads. As NHTSA data indicates, this unsafe driving conduct continues to take too many lives in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Could this holiday season see more drunk driving than in the past?

Thumbnail image for drunk driving 2.jpgThe holidays are coming, and this year, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day all come at the beginning of the week they are in. That being said, many people will be getting some long weekends over the holiday season this year. We hope that these holiday weekends, in addition to being enjoyable and a nice break from work, also prove to be safe.

However, there is some concern that drunk driving may be an even bigger, more common problem than usual because of where the holidays land.

What is ignition interlock?

ignition interlock device.jpg

A DUI conviction can be a life-changing situation. Penalties, fines, and possible license suspension may be required. However, there is an alternative that may allow you to keep your license.

Some offenders may be eligible for an Ignition Interlock device. Ignition Interlock is a device similar to a breathalyzer that measures the level of alcohol in a person's system before they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. An individual must blow into the device before he or she can start the car. If the amount of alcohol in his or her system exceeds a pre-programmed level, the interlock device temporarily locks the vehicle's ignition, and the engine cannot start until a valid breath sample is provided.

Struggling financially this Christmas?

gifts under the tree.jpgThe end of year can be financially draining. Gifts, dinners out, and traveling can all increase expenses. For people who are already in significant debt, the holidays can add a great deal of additional stress.

Bankruptcy provides a way out from unmanageable debt. If you are struggling financially and considering bankruptcy, below are some tips for getting through the holiday season before getting a truly fresh start.

Drugged driving: A significant crash risk

Thumbnail image for drugged driving.jpgThere are many drugs that can impair a person's driving; but this doesn't just include illegal drugs. Prescription medications, and even some over-the-counter drugs, can have impairing effects.

A driver can create a serious risk of a car crash when he or she gets behind the wheel with an impairing drug or medication in his or her system. However, despite these dangers and the laws against impaired driving, it appears drugged driving has become rather common here in the United States.

The holiday season can lead to more drinking and DUI arrests

drinking and holidays.jpgEnjoying festive times with family and friends during the holiday season is one of the reasons this time of year is so wonderful. During the holiday season, you can spend memorable time with friends, enjoy family time, or attend an office party. These festivities are fun, but they can easily take a turn for the worse if you make the decision to drive while impaired.

How closely associated are the holidays to drinking alcohol? Here are the results of a recent survey:

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