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New Jersey And Pennsylvania Legal Blog

Which New Jersey highway saw the most deaths in 2017?

highways.jpgUnfortunately, New Jersey sees plenty of tragedies out on the roads. There were 624 traffic deaths in the state last year.

Which highway saw the most of these fatalities? State traffic statistics show that the Garden State Parkway was the deadliest highway in New Jersey in 2017. There were a state-high of 25 deaths throughout the year. The highway with the second highest fatality total was the New Jersey Turnpike with 21 deaths. Interstate 80 was the third with 16 deaths. 

Preparing to be an adoptive parent

adoptive parnets.jpgAdopting a child can be a very joyful experience for a family. However, the adoption process involves many different steps, and thus can take a fair amount of time to complete. What can prospective adoptive parents here in New Jersey and Pennsylvania do as they wait for an adoption to be approved?

Parents can take steps to prepare for bringing an adopted child into their home. An adoption is a big change for both the adopting family and the adopted child. By preparing in advance, parents could help make the transition easier for them and the child they are adopting. 

Defensive Driving 101

defensive driving.jpgSafe driving is more than following the speed limit and putting away your cell phone when behind the wheel. Safe driving is your lifeline.

Even if you believe you are practicing safe driving, it is important to recognize that other drivers may not be. You must pay attention to the vehicles around you and expect other drivers to make mistakes.

Defensive driving is anticipating problems that may occur on the road and responding to them before they happen. Whether it is a problem you cause or a problem caused by another driver, defensive driving can help prepare you for the unexpected.

How to get started with adoption

grandparent rights.jpgNovember is National Adoption Month, which might prompt you to start thinking more seriously about making an addition to your family. Adopting a child is a wonderful decision, but you may not know how to get started.

Adoption is complex and has many different elements and steps. Here is a short guide on how to navigate the beginning of adoption process:

New pilot program aims to make Pennsylvania road work zones safer

Thumbnail image for road work ahead.jpgHow drivers act in work zones greatly impacts the safety of road construction workers. Workers can suffer major injuries if they are struck by drivers who are speeding or engaging in other unsafe conduct, and these sustained injuries could change a construction worker's life in fundamental and far-reaching ways.

Pennsylvania recently passed a law authorizing a new pilot program aimed at making work zones safer by discouraging speeding in active work zones. The state's governor signed this new law earlier this month.

Red flags that a dating relationship could be turning abusive

in love.jpgDating relationships can take many twists and turns. Unfortunately, some relationships can become abusive. While a lot of the public focus on dating abuse is on younger couples, people of all ages can be victims of dating violence.

Whatever a person's age, if he or she is starting to feel uneasy about a dating relationship, it is important for him or her to keep an eye out for signs that the relationship may be turning abusive.

Pennsylvania changes its laws regarding guns and domestic abuse

ChicagoGunLaws_1108.jpgOne thing that has very big ramifications for domestic violence survivors is what protections they can receive under the laws of their state, including the laws on protecting domestic abuse victims from gun violence. Last week, a bill was signed by Pennsylvania's governor which will make some changes to these laws.

How common is domestic violence?

domestic violence awareness ribbon.pngDomestic violence can happen to anyone, but how often does it happen? Unfortunately, statistics prove that this type of abuse is very common.

According to estimates from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence:

  • One in three women have experienced physical violence from a partner during their lives
  • One in four men have experienced physical violence from a partner over the course of their lifetime
  • One in four women and one in seven men have experienced severe levels of domestic violence

The reality of cyberstalking

cyberstalk.jpgDomestic violence can take many forms outside of physical abuse. Sexual harassment, assault, stalking and criminal mischief are just a few ways victims experience domestic violence. However, domestic violence can also occur in the cyber world.

What is cyberstalking?

The definition of stalking is when one willfully and repeatedly follows or harasses another person. Cyberstalking is based around the same concept except cyber stalkers rely on online technology to harass, embarrass, or threaten their victims.

Sexual harassment in the workplace

sexual-harassment.jpgOctober is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Every October, the nation is reminded of the pervasiveness of domestic violence as well as other forms of sexual assault and harassment. Together, we remember the victims and honor the survivors.

When it comes to domestic violence, the law provides a number of protections. For example, crimes of domestic violence fall under both state and federal laws. State restraining order laws can help protect domestic violence survivors from further abuse and impose penalties on those who violate a restraining order.

One of the questions we often face is what legal protections exist for those who experience sexual violence or harassment by another employee while at work. 

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