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What makes some jobs so much more dangerous than others?

No matter what job you have, you are likely exposed to some threat to your safety. That said, certain occupations are far more dangerous than others. 

Based on recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the most dangerous occupations in the country share similar risks and conditions that contribute to higher numbers of fatal and non-fatal injuries. 

Should employees try to work after a work injury?

New Jersey and Pennsylvania residents know that everyone needs to work because bills never stop rolling in. However, what do you do after you hurt yourself at work? Do you work through the pain to ensure you have a paycheck at the end of the month?

In short, employees who try to work through an injury will make their pain worst. However, there are more reasons why workers shouldn't tough it out after a work-related accident.

5 tips for driving in icy, snowy weather

Now that winter is here to stay, you may have realized that driving in icy or snowy road conditions isn’t an easy task. Sometimes, you don’t even realize the roads are icy until you hit the brakes and start to slide or spin.

The National Highway Safety Institute reports that 17% of all vehicle accidents happen in winter road conditions. So, it’s always better to take an extra level of precaution while driving during the winter months to avoid an accident.

Why January is nicknamed “divorce month.”

What about the holiday season makes couples go from kissing under the mistletoe to dropping a piece of coal in their significant other’s stocking? Apparently, most married couples aren’t as cheery as they seem during the holidays, rather putting on a brave face until the new year.

January is infamous among legal circles and is commonly coined “Divorce Month” due to the large increase in divorce petitions filed at the beginning of the new year. There’s even an increase in couples considering divorce between Dec. 26 through Jan. 1, according to Google trends.

The hazardous combination of parking lots and pedestrians

The holidays usually lead to an influx of seasonal shoppers and unaware drivers in most retail parking lots. It’s frustrating as a pedestrian to try to navigate the parking lot and make sure that you and your entire family is safe.

According to the National Safety Council, auto insurers report the number of claims runs above normal throughout the holiday shopping season. And the number is only a rough estimate due to the number of fender-benders that go unreported.

How to prevent winter chills as an outdoor worker

When most people think about brutal winters, they think about Alaska, Minnesota or Wisconsin as the kings of the snowy season. However, east coast residents know how brutally cold the east coast gets, especially as we head into January.

It makes it crucial that employees start to brace for the low temperatures and snowy streets before any blizzards hit. Luckily, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration brings awareness to the dangers of cold weather for outdoor employees and how to fight them.

How to have a happier holiday as a single parent

Everyone wants a happy holiday, especially if you are a parent because a happy holiday for you means your children are having a great time too. However, the Christmas season is incredibly challenging for most single parents.

Cautions of Driving with Prescriptions

As societal norms have changed in recent years, the use of controlled substances, legal and illegal, has increased exponentially. While there are divergent views on whether we benefit from a more medicated populace, one thing is certain. We all agree that the roadways should be safe from impaired drivers. Just because you hold a prescription from a physician, that does not mean you can, or should, operate a motor vehicle as that prescription is not a license to drive.

A ban on cellphone use may come to Pennsylvanian drivers

Several states recently enacted laws surrounding the use of cellphones while driving, and the list continues to grow as Pennsylvania may be the newest state to ban hand-held cellphone use by drivers.

According to the Allentown Morning Call, State Rep. Rosemary Brown filed a bill earlier this year to ban hand-held use of cellphones while driving. The bill recently received approval from the House Transportation Committee and will soon visit the full House floor.

Disney World Dangers for Employees

Since 1955, Walt Disney World is well known by its slogan, “The Happiest Place on Earth.” Tourists worldwide have flocked to Orlando to visit the famed resort to experience the feeling promised by the famed tagline. Combined with employees and vendors, the population within the park can reach a quarter-million.

Large crowds create a chaotic atmosphere where confusion and frustration reign. Visitors wait in long lines for hours to experience the famed rides. Others experience technical glitches with FastPasses.

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