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The Safety Concerns Surrounding Scooters


Seeing someone on a scooter was once a familiar sight. For many, childhood conveyances would get kids from one point to another. All that was needed was a leg sweeping along with the street or sidewalk to maintain forward motion.

Juul in the rough

The proverbial heat is on for a prominent e-cigarette manufacturer. Their hype may define the oft-used term, “Too good to be true.”

Several deaths shrouded in mystery are linked to the use of vaping devices with many experts pointing to dangerous additives circulating in the black market. To date, 450 cases are under investigation, including 127 reports of seizures. Six have resulted in fatalities, according to The Centers for Disease Control.

The Reemergence of Scooters Bring Safety Concerns

Collisions involving cars and trucks often involve motor vehicles of approximately equal sizes, cement barriers on roads, or structures that include building and trucks.

It is safe to say that a collision with tumbleweeds would cause minimal if any injuries or vehicle damage.

Divorces for Americans over 50 have more than doubled

While divorce rates overall have slowed or even declined for some age groups, so-called “gray divorces” have risen by 109% in the past quarter-century. Studies show that in 1990, fewer than one in 10 divorces involved people over 50.

The research shows that more than half of all gray divorces involve couples that have been married for more than 20 years. Experts point to many reasons, including people living longer, the stigma of divorce isn’t as great as it used to be and the rise of economic independence for women.

New Jersey fights illegal labeling of independent contractors

construction-worker-injury.jpgJoining forces with Pennsylvania and Delaware, New Jersey is cracking down on employers who treat workers as independent contractors when the law says they must be given all the rights and benefits of full-fledged employees. This illegal misclassification workers generally cheats taxpayers and competing employers.

If your employer pays you and denies you benefits as if you're an "independent contractor" but expects you to work like a full-time employee, you need to know you have a legal right to be represented.

The Presumption of Innocence Prevails

jail bars.jpgHarris County boasts the largest population in Texas and third-most populous in the country. Their commissioners are adding another accolade by blazing a new and highly historic trail that strengthened the presumption of innocence. The decision could serve as a game-changer with implementation going nationwide.

However, the path to making history was not without its share of bumps along the way.

Marijuana still illegal, but you could soon clear your record

marijuana 2.jpgThis year, New Jersey came very close to joining ten other states in legalizing recreational marijuana; but in March, lawmakers failed to pass the bill. 

The sale and use of marijuana are still illegal in New Jersey. However, lawmakers are making a push to help individuals clear their records of past marijuana-related crimes.

When do you need a prenuptial agreement?

prenup.jpgIf you are a bride or groom with an upcoming wedding, you most likely have realized that agreeing on and talking about money with your future spouse isn't always easy. With the stress of wedding planning, you may not even think about adding a prenuptial agreement to your to-do list.

Often, prenuptial agreements are seen as something only wealthy people need or are viewed as a way to doom your marriage before it has even begun. However, if you are marrying later in your life or have significant assets, you may want to consider a prenuptial agreement.

Preparing for post-divorce financial life

finances.jpgA divorce changes many things for a person including his or her financial situation. Splitting one household into two can have lasting implications on an individual's financial future.

These changes can create the potential for post-divorce financial struggles. However, there are things you can do to prepare for these changes and try to put yourself in a strong position to move forward financially after a divorce.

Preparing for a safe road trip

road trip.jpgPacking your bags, filling up the gas tank, booking hotels --- there are endless to do's when preparing for a summer road trip.

While all those prepartions are important, the most important to do is safety planning. Traveling long distances over the roads can carry potential dangers such as accident risks. However, there are various planning steps that can be taken to try to make your summer road trip as safe as possible.

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