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Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies: what is the difference?  

Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy are both ways that an individual in debt can find relief. It can be scary to think about filing for bankruptcy, but the risk is sometimes necessary and can give you a fresh start.

It may surprise you that you are not alone in considering filing for bankruptcy. Georgia ranks as the state with the third highest bankruptcy filings in America. How do you know what type of bankruptcy to file for? What is the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13?

Carbon monoxide poisoning: A silent disaster

carbon monoxide danger.jpgNot all disasters come with clear and obvious warning signs. Some can arise in silence like carbon monoxide buildups in homes.

When carbon monoxide builds up in a home, it can expose occupants to carbon monoxide poisoning. Buildups can occur in a variety of ways, such as through breakdowns, ventilation problems, or defects in gas appliances (such as heating and water heating systems). This is why it's important to have these appliances checked regularly.

Tips for fire escape plans

house fire.jpgMany things can start a fire in a home. Faulty electrics, lightning and defective products are just a few examples. While there are steps you can take to mitigate fire risks, the chances of a house fire occurring generally cannot be completely eliminated. However, you can take measures to prepare for the possibility of a fire. One way to prepare is by having a fire escape plan.

The dangers of driving during and after a hurricane

hurricane.jpgSeptember is often known as the peak of the hurricane season, and 2017 gave proof of that when three of the season's biggest storms hit the east coast in the same month. While New Jersey and Pennsylvania aren't as vulnerable as Florida or Louisiana, our area can still be in the line of fire and has seen numerous disasters in the past. Therefore, its residents must prepare themselves for the worst.

A large portion of deaths from hurricanes occur in motor vehicles, whether it is before or after the storm. While it is understandable that many citizens would want to rush to escape the city or head back home after the storm dissipates, they must be careful not to act too rashly in order to avoid potentially fatal accidents. You need to be aware of the hazards that lie on the road during and after the storm.

How can you prepare for flash floods?

Thumbnail image for floods.jpgFlooding can greatly impact a community. These disasters can expose families to significant property damage, scary situations and major safety risks. Serious injuries can come from accidents connected to floods.

One class of flooding that can be particularly worrisome are flash floods. These disasters can strike quickly and with little warning.

Traffic safety tips for the new school year

stop sign buss.jpgIt's that time of year again! With the school year beginning, an important thing to focus on is safety. Kids can face serious safety risks when they are going to and from school. Situations in which kids can be particularly vulnerable include when they are crossing streets near their school or getting on or off of their school bus.

Among the things that can impact how safe kids are on their journey to and from school is how drivers act. This is a good time of the year for drivers to refresh themselves on what steps they can take to help protect students when driving in school zones or near school buses. Here are a few tips:

Tips for driving at night

driving at night.jpgDriving is likely a critical and unavoidable part of your life. Unfortunately, there are many parts of driving that can make it dangerous. Road conditions, the poor decisions of other drivers, and the environment are all factors that contribute to the dangers of driving.

Darkness after the sun goes down is one of many conditions that can increase the dangers of driving. However, there are precautions you can take to increase your safety on the road at night. Here are two ways you can make your nighttime driving experience safer: 

3 tips for avoiding drowsy driving

drowsy driving.jpgThe impact drowsiness can have on drivers is no minor thing. Being tired when driving can compromise a driver's attentiveness, reaction time and decision making, and in turn can create a major risk.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to encounter drowsy drivers out on the roads. Despite the dangers, many motorists in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the rest of the United States drive while tired.

Full tort versus Limited Tort: Do you have the right insurance?

car accident.jpgWhen you are purchasing automobile insurance, the insurance carrier should offer you the choice between full tort and limited tort. Before you decide on which policy to choose, you must understand that there is a much bigger difference between the two options than just the annual premium.

The challenges of driving in the rain

driving in the rain.jpg

A rainy day means different things to different people. Some love them, and some hate them. Regardless of how you feel about buckets of water falling from the sky, if you're out on the roads, a rainy day means trickier driving conditions. Today, we'll go over two of the big traffic safety challenges rain poses and what drivers can do to address these challenges.

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