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Preparing for post-divorce financial life

finances.jpgA divorce changes many things for a person including his or her financial situation. Splitting one household into two can have lasting implications on an individual's financial future.

These changes can create the potential for post-divorce financial struggles. However, there are things you can do to prepare for these changes and try to put yourself in a strong position to move forward financially after a divorce.

Preparing for a safe road trip

road trip.jpgPacking your bags, filling up the gas tank, booking hotels --- there are endless to do's when preparing for a summer road trip.

While all those prepartions are important, the most important to do is safety planning. Traveling long distances over the roads can carry potential dangers such as accident risks. However, there are various planning steps that can be taken to try to make your summer road trip as safe as possible.

Protecting your kids from pool chemicals

pools.jpegSummer can be a great time for family fun at the pool. However, this season also sees a great number of pool-related injuries. This includes injuries involving chemical exposures.

A range of chemicals are used to keep public and private pools safe. Unfortunately, when mishaps occur involving these chemicals, they can create their own serious safety problems.

According to a recent CDC report, the U.S. saw an average of over 4,500 pool chemical-related injuries per year between 2008 and 2017 (with a large majority of them occurring between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day).

How to obtain a restraining order in New Jersey

restraining order.jpgCountless men and women within the State of New Jersey are the victims of domestic violence each year. A common problem for domestic violence victims is that they may not be aware that they are a victim of domestic violence; and even if they are aware, they may not know how to get help.

Fortunately, the State of New Jersey has taken a strong stance against domestic violence and actively seeks to help those who are victims. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to receive a restraining order in New Jersey:

Heatstroke is deadly: Know the signs

heatstroke.jpgSummer is around the corner, and we'll all be spending more time outdoors. Trips to the beach, backyard barbecues, working out, catching a ball game and hiking are all great ways to enjoy the warm weather.

However, when the mercury rises, we're all at risk of falling prey to heat-related illnesses.

While you may not think you're susceptible to heatstroke, anyone who spends a day in the sun is at risk. More than 9,000 Americans have died of heat-related deaths since 1979, and almost all those deaths occurred between the months of May and September. By keeping a few safety tips in mind, heat doesn't need to put the chill on your summer plans.

Criminal convictions can impact your occupational license

Thumbnail image for license.jpgAn individual's career goals can be at stake when he or she is facing criminal charges, particularly for those people who are in, or desire to one day be in, a field that requires an occupational license.

In Pennsylvania, dozens of professions, such as nursing and barbering, are licensed. A criminal conviction can make getting or keeping an occupational license much more difficult. It can create significant roadblocks for people who are trying to get their lives back together after serving jail time or experiencing other criminal penalties.

Don't let work lead to being a bad driver

distracted driving.jpgThere are many things that can tempt a driver to be distracted out on the roads. One is work.

Cellphones make it so people can get calls, emails and texts from work at pretty much any time of the day. Some workers might feel pulled towards checking and responding to such messages right away, even if they are driving.

Safety tips for getting the grill ready for summer

grilling.jpgWith summer not that far around the corner, many people are taking out their grills and getting ready for cookout season.

Before you start grilling, there are some safety steps that are important to take. These precautionary measures can help reduce the chances that a cookout results in fires or burns.

Here are 3 tips for ensuring you're safe this grilling season:

Danger from above: Sunroof explosion risks

sunroof-1.jpgYou're driving along and, suddenly, the sunroof above you explodes. This may sound like a surreal and unbelievable experience, but it is one that drivers throughout the country are encountering.

Recent years have seen many reports of exploding sunroofs. According to Consumer Reports, around a thousand complaints of such accidents have been made. These complaints regard hundreds of vehicle models from dozens of auto companies.

How can I avoid the "Fatal Four" construction accidents?

construction.jpgWorking a construction job involves many risks. There's a reason jobsites require you to wear a hard hat and gloves. When you are working with heavy machinery, standing on scaffolding, and climbing tall ladders, there are many types of injuries that may occur.

Despite all the dangers, there are four types of accidents that cause the majority of construction worker deaths.

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