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Child Custody Practice in Northampton County

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2008 | Firm News

If you are planning to seek or modify a custody order for minor children in Northampton County, it is advis able to consult an attorney who will discuss your situation with you, explain your rights, and prepare the necessary pleadings. Next, a hearing before a Master is scheduled by the court. The Master is a local attorney who will listen to all the issues in your case and help mediate an effective custody arrangement in the best interest of the children. Factors considered include work schedules, school schedules, the age of the children, holidays, and any other factors important to the respective parties.

The hearings take place at the Northampton County Courthouse in an informal setting where you will get to address the Master directly. The Master records the custody agreement, which immediately goes into effect, and sends it to the court for approval.

The Master also hears cases where one party is accused of contempt for not following the terms of an existing custody order. The Master will generally be agreeable to mediating the dispute if the parties wish. If this cannot be done, the Master will certify the issue for court, at which point an aggrieved party may request a hearing before a judge to decide the issue. You should have an attorney represent you at this hearing to properly protect your interests and help you prepare.

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