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Types of Defective Products and What Clients Should Know

When a consumer buys a product, there’s an expectation that the product will function as advertised or labeled. There are many cases in which these products don’t work, however, and worse, there are also cases in which these products cause injury or serious losses to a consumer. When this happens, it’s important that victims of defective goods speak with our team of personal injury attorneys.


Right now, we want to focus on legal cases that involve defective goods. These kinds of cases are known as product liability lawsuits.

What is a product liability lawsuit?

A product liability lawsuit refers to a legal claim brought by a consumer or multiple consumers against the designers, manufacturers, and/or distributors of a defective product. When such cases are filed, consumers seek compensation from the negligent product makers or distributors to cover any kinds of losses or injuries sustained.

There are many different kinds of products that may malfunction. Let’s take a brief moment to look at some common examples of defective products.

Defective Vehicles and Auto Parts

Motor vehicles are such a common part of our daily lives. When automobiles are poorly designed and are dangerous, it’s important that consumers hold auto companies responsible for this sort of negligence. The same goes for the makers of defective auto parts, such as tires, brake pads, and child safety seats.

Pharmaceuticals and Supplements

Our product liability attorneys see a number of cases that involve pharmaceuticals that do not function as they are intended. This is especially serious since flawed drugs can cause harm to patients rather than alleviating the symptoms of a health condition. The same legal scrutiny applies to dietary supplements, which should be safe.

Dangerous Toys

When it comes to toys for children, we expect them to be safe for their intended age group. Yet there are many manufacturers who do not consider potential choking hazards, sharp edges, or poor materials used in their toys. This kind of negligence needs to be recognized and punished, especially because the victims of these products are our children.

Malfunctioning Consumer Electronics

HD televisions, tablets, smart phones, and other electronic gadgets are convenient and make life more enjoyable, though flaws in design can lead to electrocution and other kinds of serious problems. The makers of these goods need to be taken to task for any harm that is caused.

Food Unfit for Human Consumption

Whether it’s at a restaurant or at the store, the food that we consumer should be safe and properly made. When food poisoning or other serious illness occurs as a result of food items, it’s important to examine the cause of this problem and if it was preventable. If that is the case, the negligent party needs to be taken to task.

Learn More About Product Liability Lawsuits

For more information about product liability cases and what our legal experts can do for you in your time of legal need, be sure to contact our New Jersey and Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys today. We have offices in Phillipsburg and the teams at each location will be able to help you receive the just compensation that you deserve for any injuries and losses sustained.

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