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Auto Accidents on Highways Can Be Serious and Even Fatal

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2015 | Firm News

The lawyers of Wilhelm & Roemersma proudly serve injury victims and their loved ones throughout the greater New Jersey and Pennsylvania area. Their legal help is especially important following serious auto accidents that result in major injuries or death.

Many serious motor vehicle collisions occur on the highway. With that in mind, we’d like to consider why highway auto accidents are so serious and why legal assistance from our law firm is so important.

Highways Can Be Very Dangerous

As essential as highways are for commuters and for commerce, they are potentially dangerous roadways. Many accidents occur on highways every year, so it’s important that you remain attentive when you are behind the wheel in order to avoid potential injury to yourself, occupants of your vehicle, and others on the road.

Increased Speed Means More Serious Collisions

When traveling at highway speeds, the force generated in a collision is far greater than those at city street speeds. Because of the increase in velocity, a number of severe injuries and fatalities occur while people are driving on highways. Not even seat belts and airbags can protect motorists from the force that is generated in such incidents.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents Are More Likely

More motorists tend to be on the road on highways than on city streets, particularly when highways are the primary ways into and out of larger cities. Multi-vehicle collisions increase the risk of major injuries since more people and more vehicles collide with one another.

Potential for Accidents with Large Trucks

Large trucks often use highways in order to move their shipments across the country. Any accident with a large truck can be potentially fatal given the size of the vehicles and the amount of force created when such a collision occurs.

Just last year on the New Jersey Turnpike, a limo bus containing actor/comedian Tracy Morgan and friend/fellow comedian James McNair was struck by a large Walmart truck. The collision seriously injured Morgan and killed McNair.

Driver Distraction Is Even Deadlier on Highways

The topic of driver distraction has come up a lot lately, particularly with regard to texting while driving. If you text while driving, your eyes will be off the road for an estimated 5 seconds at a time. During a 5-second span of time, a vehicle traveling at highways speeds covers the length of a football field. This is why all forms of potential distraction should be avoided while you are driving.

Remote Highways Mean Delays in Emergency Response

Traveling on remote highways or rural highways can seem pleasant, but they can also be deadly. If you are involved in an accident on a remote highway, it can take much longer for emergency vehicles to respond to a 911 call. This delay can sometimes mean the difference between life and death.

Speak with Our Attorneys About Your Auto Accident

For more information about your legal options following a serious motor vehicle collision, it’s of the utmost importance that you contact our team of skilled personal injury lawyers today. The legal team here at Wilhelm & Roemersma will work with you and your loved ones in your time of legal need.

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