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First Major Snowfall to Hit Our Area

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2016 | Personal Injury

First Major Snow Storm to Hit Phillipsburg, Easton and the Lehigh Valley

Both Warren County, New Jersey which contains Phillipsburg, and the Lehigh Valley, containing Easton and Allentown should see its first major snow storm this Saturday. It is important to remember the workers who are required to transverse parking lots going and coming to work. Under the general law of workers compensation, a worker arrives at work once he or she parks in a parking lot designated for the employee (parking in a multi-tenant lot may not result in a work related injury). Once in the lot, it is important to take a look around the lot to investigate if the area has been treated for snow. In particular, has the parking lot been salted? Are there areas where salting did not occur? Is there a drainage problem where snow or ice is accumulating in a section of the parking lot? These are questions most workers never ask themselves before they leave their car and punch into work. Most workers are unfortunately rushing into work to accommodate their busy schedule and do not take the time to be careful. Everyone at Wilhelm & Roemersma wishes you to have a safe weekend. As such, if you are working during the storm, please be careful when arriving at work as well as leaving your employer’s premises.

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