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Dealing with Child Custody Issues around the Holidays

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2016 | Child Custody, Family Law

holidays divorce.jpgWhen a couple goes through a separation or divorce, there are many difficult issues that must be sorted out. Those issues only become more complex when there are children involved. Parents often struggle to come up with solutions regarding child support and child custody arrangements,& ;especially around the holidays when both parents are eager to have their children spend time with them.

However, there are certain& ;steps parents can take to& ;help make holiday child custody arrangements easier.

Creating a Holiday Schedule

In the matter of child custody disputes, it is always our goal to put the child’s best interest first and to come to a custody agreement that does not expose the child or children in question to unnecessary drama. It is always best to anticipate child custody issues before they arise so that ample time is allowed for parties to come to an agreeable solution. Our attorneys like to create a holiday custody schedule far in advance of any given holiday so that all parties are well-prepared for what that schedule will be and no issues arise. We will work with the other party’s attorney and communicate on behalf of our client to ensure that our client’s rights are protected and an arrangement is made that is beneficial to the children. While there are likely to be unique situations, below is an outline of how a common child custody holiday schedule may be arranged:

  • The child alternates between spending holidays with the mother and father (for instance, a child may spend Christmas with their mother on all years that are even, and Christmas with their father in years that are odd)
  • The child will spend special days, such as a mother or father’s birthday, or Mother’s Day and Father’s day with that parent
  • When possible, the child’s birthday should be celebrated with both parents
  • Any travel that is planned for the holidays must meet determined child custody guidelines

What If We Can’t Reach an Agreement?

We are highly respectful of the delicacy of child custody matters and do our best to come up with child custody arrangements and holiday schedules in an amicable manner. Unfortunately, there are times in which involved parties are not able to agree on an acceptable arrangement. In these cases, our attorneys will work with a court-appointed custody scheduler to ensure that a fair holiday schedule is created that takes into account the child’s best interest, while protecting the rights of our client.

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