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Back to School Injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2017 | Injuries

As you are aware, it now the “Back to School” season. As you drive in the morning, there is an abundant amount of traffic including parents and school buses dropping off children. With the pickup of activity, this will translate into injuries for the employees involved including Teachers, Bus Drivers, and Maintenance Workers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The job each employee obtains will normally establish a specific injury that tends to happen on that job. Starting with bus drivers, the most common injury are right shoulder injuries. For the old style buses, the bus driver would have to use his/her arm in an outstretch fashion to operate the door lever several times a day at each stop. As the level and bus equipment ages and deteriorates, the amount of force the bus driver has to use could lead to a shoulder injury. In addition to shoulder injuries, bus drivers are always susceptible to knee injuries while entering or exiting the bus.

Bus Drivers are not the only employees this school season to be at risk, Teachers are also susceptible to a variety of injuries. In particular, a teacher in Vo-Tech schools or High School Shop classes are at risk to be injured by tools used by students. When teaching teenagers in a Shop Class, there is always a risk that the student’s lack of experience can lead to an injury to the teacher who attempts to aid the student. Meanwhile music Teachers on the other hand are subject to hearing loss when they are constantly exposed to loud instruments or noise.

Finally, Maintenance workers at the Schools run their own special risks of work injuries. An example is a maintenance worker who uses cleaning products that can cause Asthma conditions or breathing problems. A lack of proper ventilation while using chemicals can lead to permanent pulmonary injuries.

These are just a few of the School Employees who may suffer injuries this fall. In the event an injury is sustained, it is always wise to consult an Attorney to review you rights. Please consider this blog a general discussion of the law and not legal. If you have a specific legal question, please contact our office and speak to one of our Attorneys.

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