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How can I properly utilize my child support payments?

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2018 | Family Law

The question posed in our title may seem like a silly one, but the fact of the matter is that many parents that receive child support incorrectly think that there are only certain ways that they can use child support. To the contrary, child support is actually a very flexible form of compensation that has a lot of utility. Let’s examine how this critical part of so many divorces — and post-divorce lives — can be used.

To begin, child support covers some of the obvious financial costs that come with rearing a child. So, this means child support can be used to buy your son or daughter clothes that they need. It can also be used to pay for rent so that your child has a home to stay in, as well as help cover grocery bills so that your child has food to eat.

Additionally, child support helps with medical costs that your child may incur, even if the costs are uninsured. Child support can also be used for those days when you can’t look after your child, so you need to use childcare.

There are some other costs that child support covers that some wouldn’t even consider. Child support can help you pay for educational expenses, such as tuition and school supplies, as well as other costs with your child’s schooling. It can also be used for entertainment purposes to help pay for movie tickets or an internet bill. And if you child is involved in an after-school club or an extracurricular activity, child support can help there too.

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