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Springtime means outdoor work injuries!

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2018 | Personal Injury


After the long winter months, it is normal to acquire some cabin fever. Once the clocks are changed and we get more sunlight, the warm weather will follow. Ironically, there are dangers workers face outside that they do not face during the winter months.

For example, landscapers begin to work around April or May. This is a time to mow lawns and use weed-whackers. Using outdoor equipment provides risks to workers that are unique to the job. Common injuries from lawnmowers are feet and toe injuries caused by a machine that is left running. On the other hand, weed-whackers often shoot rocks at high speeds toward the operator or other workers in the area. Devastating eye injuries may be suffered by workers who were not wearing goggles at the time a co-worker isweed-whacking. 

In summary, spring is a great time of year to work outside. Whether you are a landscaper or even simply a home owner doing yard work, please be mindful of the dangers when using equipment. Just remember: always turn off machinery when you are not using it, and wear safety goggles.

Have a safe spring season!

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