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How to protect your kids from playground falls

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2018 | Personal Injury

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For many families, summer time means family trips to the playground. However, there are concerns that can arise when it comes to playground safety. Parents should give careful attention to keeping things as safe as possible for their kids when it comes to playground visits.

Falls are a top safety danger at playgrounds. Safe Kids Worldwide says that falls are responsible for 75 percent of playground injuries. However, there are a few things that parents can do to protect their kids from being injured on the playground.

1. Choose a playground carefully

The playground children are at can have an impact on their likelihood of suffering from fall injuries.

One thing that could create a risk is if kids are playing on equipment that isn’t age-appropriate. When deciding what playground to take your children to, you should look into what equipment a playground has and what ages that equipment is appropriate for.

Another thing to pay attention to when picking playgrounds is their ground surfaces. Preferable surfaces include mulch, pea gravel, rubber mats, sand, and wood chips. Surfaces that can pose problems include asphalt, concrete, dirt, and grass. The problem with these surfaces is that they are not impact-absorbing, and they may not soften the blow of a child falling to the ground.

2. Check the playground

Prior to letting your kids go and play, check the playground to see if any hazards are present. This includes wet or unstable equipment, as well as equipment that lacks the proper safety bars or netting.

3. Supervise

Always supervise your kids when they are playing. You can encourage your kids to make smart decisions and avoid any activity that could lead to an injury. Keeping a watchful eye can go a long way in preventing falls and other accidents on the playground.

Parents can take these steps to keep playground visits safe for their children.

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