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Stay distraction-free when driving


When driving, it is important to be aware of what is happening around you. Therefore, it is important to keep your eyes focused on the road when behind the wheel. However, distracted driving goes well beyond using your cell phone. While there are several distractions that could present themselves on the road, these distractions are easy to avoid:

  • Cellphones: Cellphones can pose many temptations for drivers. Tucking your phone away and silencing the ringer prevents you from letting your eyes wander off the road.
  • Eating: If possible, it is best to eat before or after your drive.
  • Grooming: Behind the wheel is not the place to be shaving, fixing your hair, or putting on makeup. Grooming is best done before you take to the roads, so avoid multitasking by getting ready at home.
  • Loose objects: When objects get loose in your car when you are driving, you may be tempted to try to pick them up. In order to avoid this potentially distracting situation, make sure items in your car are properly secured and stored before the vehicle is in motion.
  • In-vehicle controls: One thing that can distract a driver is the various controls of his or her car. Controls related to the radio, an entertainment system, a GPS, air conditioning, and others could be potential distractions that take your eyes away from the road. Ensure all the controls are set how you would like them before you begin to drive.
  • Attending to child passengers: If you’re a parent, it is likely that you’ve encountered situations where you needed to attend to your children in the backseat. When this happens, you should try to find a place where you can safely stop and handle the situation, rather than try to address the issue while driving. It will not only keep you safe, but your children, as well.

Make safety a priority. By refraining from distracted driving, you create a safer environment for you, other drivers, and pedestrians along the road.

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