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Tips for fire escape plans

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2018 | Personal Injury

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Many things can start a fire in a home. Faulty electrics, lightning and defective products are just a few examples. While there are steps you can take to mitigate fire risks, the chances of a house fire occurring generally cannot be completely eliminated. However, you can take measures to prepare for the possibility of a fire. One way to prepare is by having a fire escape plan.

This plan should lay out what your family should do in the event of a fire. It is important to have an evacuation plan for every room in the house. To help plan, you may want to draw up a map of your home and then carefully look at each room to come up with the best evacuation routes.

It is important to have at least two routes picked for each room. That way, if one route becomes inaccessible due to the effects of a fire, an alternate is available.

A fire escape plan should not only lay out how family members are to get out of the home, but where they should meet up once they’ve escaped. Pick out a rendezvous point somewhere outside the front of your home that is easy to remember and a safe distance from the house.

Once you come up with a plan, it may be wise to put it down into writing or onto a map so you and your family have something to reference later. If you make any major changes to your home’s design or layout, change your plan accordingly.

When a fire occurs in a home, seconds can make all the difference in an escape. In addition to having an escape plan, it is important that your whole family understands the plan. Like most things, when it comes to fire escape plans, practice makes perfect. Therefore, a key part of making sure your family knows the plan is to regularly do fire drills.

Do these drills when everyone is home so that everyone gets practice. For the drill, sound the smoke detector by hitting the test button so everyone knows what to listen for in the event of a real fire. Then, have everyone follow the escape plan to leave the house and meet at the rendezvous point. Afterwards can be a good time to answer questions family members have about the plan.

There is never any harm in preparing for the unexpected. Take the time to plan out what to do in a fire in order to keep you and your family safe!

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