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Tips for keeping spring cleaning safe

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2019 | Personal Injury

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Many people take on major home cleaning projects during the spring time. While many projects do not appear to be unsafe, it is still important to remember that cleaning supplies involving chemicals can post a risk. There are certain risks that can arise in connection to spring cleaning. Today, we’ll go over tips for staying safe when it comes to using cleaners.

Check labels

Being informed on the products you use can go a long way when it comes to cleaning safely. Carefully look over the labels of the cleaners you plan to use to see what warnings are listed. Also, check and follow any safety instructions listed on those labels to ensure you are using them properly.

Respiratory safety

Some chemicals can cause health problems when they are inhaled. Wearing a mask and making sure the room you are using the cleaning product in is well-ventilated in order to avoid inhaling too many chemicals.

Skin safety

Some chemicals can cause burns or other damage when they come into contact with a person’s skin. When using cleaners that contain these harsh substances, it is important to wear gloves and other appropriate safety gear to avoid any contact.

Turning to alternatives

Another safety step that can be taken when spring cleaning is avoiding cleaners that contain harsh chemicals when possible. For many cleaning tasks, alternatives such as a simple combination of soup and warm water can be used.

Using precautions when it comes to spring cleaning can help keep you healthy and avoid long term negative effects.

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