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Danger from above: Sunroof explosion risks

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2019 | Personal Injury


You’re driving along and, suddenly, the sunroof above you explodes. This may sound like a surreal and unbelievable experience, but it is one that drivers throughout the country are encountering.

Recent years have seen many reports of exploding sunroofs. According to Consumer Reports, around a thousand complaints of such accidents have been made. These complaints regard hundreds of vehicle models from dozens of auto companies.

What is causing this recent wave of sunroof explosions? There are a lot of possible culprits including:

  • Increases in the size of sunroofs
  • The growing use of tempered glass
  • The trend of using lighter materials in sunroofs
  • Trends in the shaping of the glass of such roofs
  • Pressure from new installations

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is investigating the issue of exploding sunroofs but has not issued any mandatory recalls in connection to it. 

The spontaneous shattering of a sunroof can expose a motorist to a lot of harm, including injuries and vehicle damage. These can come with some hefty expenses, including motor vehicle repair and medical bills.

The quest to get fair compensation for injuries and damage caused by the failure of an auto part, such as a sunroof, isn’t always easy. Insurers and auto companies can put up resistance to giving victims the relief they deserve. When a victim is pursuing such compensation, bringing in a skilled personal injury attorney to advocate for his or her rights and interests can be a wise and important step.

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