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Don’t let work lead to being a bad driver

On Behalf of | May 10, 2019 | Personal Injury

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There are many things that can tempt a driver to be distracted out on the roads. One is work.

Cellphones make it so people can get calls, emails and texts from work at pretty much any time of the day. Some workers might feel pulled towards checking and responding to such messages right away, even if they are driving.

A recent study indicates just how common it is for today’s workers to feel this pressure. Around a fourth of the survey respondents indicated that they felt pulled to answer work-related messages when behind the wheel.

This temptation was particularly common among younger workers. Of the people surveyed who fell into the 18 to 34 age group, well over 37% said they felt such pressure.

It is important for drivers to resist this temptation. Getting distracted by a cellphone behind the wheel, including answering work messages, creates major dangers that can lead to serious traffic accidents.

Here are some tips for drivers to avoid having work lead to distracted driving:

  • Put your phone away when driving
  • Put your phone in do not disturb mode
  • Remind yourself of how important it is to stay attentive behind the wheel
  • If you do feel it is very important to check/respond to a message, stop your vehicle in a safe place before doing so

One also hopes employers take steps to create an environment where their workers don’t feel like they have to act unsafely behind the wheel to meet expectations at work.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, encountering distracted drivers out on the roads is very common. When people suffer injuries due to the actions of such a driver, it is important for them to understand what rights they have regarding compensation and what actions they can take in connection to these rights. Skilled auto accident lawyers can provide such guidance.

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