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The hazardous combination of parking lots and pedestrians

The holidays usually lead to an influx of seasonal shoppers and unaware drivers in most retail parking lots. It’s frustrating as a pedestrian to try to navigate the parking lot and make sure that you and your entire family is safe.

According to the National Safety Council, auto insurers report the number of claims runs above normal throughout the holiday shopping season. And the number is only a rough estimate due to the number of fender-benders that go unreported.

Tis the season for multiple distractions

Most drivers believe that the most dangerous areas for driving are highways and busy streets. However, many accidents happen in parking lots because drivers reduce their alertness of other vehicles or pedestrians nearby.

Since drivers’ attention is down in parking areas, pedestrians need to be on high alert whenever they are walking into a store or other retailers. Some of the best practices for pedestrians are:

  • Make yourself visible – Most people do their gift shopping during the evenings or weekends, so make sure to make yourself very visible during the darker hours. You can wear bright clothing or walk in very well-lit areas.
  • Stay off your phone – The best thing pedestrians can do while walking in parking areas is to stay alert. Don’t text, talk or listen to music while walking into the store. Instead, keep focus and put your phone in your pocket.
  • Walk in safe areas– Stick to sidewalks and crosswalks if you want to stay safe this holiday season. If you have to walk in the lot, walk facing traffic and do not move quickly across the roadways.

It’s critical that pedestrians and drivers do whatever they can to prevent accidents or severe injuries. However, some people have a blue Christmas after a parking lot accident.

If you’re a pedestrian who suffered injuries, make sure to seek medical attention immediately and obtain the right information from the accident such as the driver’s name, car model and license plate number, all these details are critical for filing a claim and getting compensation for your medical bills.


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