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What happens when your job takes over your marriage?

Most people go through rough patches in their careers or their relationships. Sometimes, those patches happen at the same time. It makes us wonder, “how is my career affecting my marriage?”

There are so many circumstances where stress from your job influences your relationships. It’s especially taxing on your significant other when you rely on them for emotional support. There are four major signs that your job is ruining your relationship.

Prioritizing work before anything else

You find yourself working late, skipping family events and even putting your job before your spouse because you perceive your job as more important than your relationship. You may even notice that when you are with your partner, you discuss work because you have nothing else you want to discuss. It puts a significant toll on your marriage over time.

Perceiving your spouse in a different way

It’s common to evolve, but what happens when a job starts to change how you perceive your spouse? You may find yourself resenting your spouse or prefer spending time with your coworkers than with your partner. Either way, it changes how you perceive your overall relationship.

Engaging more at work than at home

It’s hard to feel excited at home if your spouse is disinterested in your job or if you feel more satisfied with your colleagues instead of your life partner. However, it’s a bad sign if you find that you are less connected to your home life than in your workplace. Other ways that disengagement might show is through constant exhaustion at home and the use of sarcasm to convey your true feelings.

Treating your spouse as a career coach

As mentioned previously, it’s not great when all you talk about is your career, especially with your spouse. It’s even worse when you use your partner as a career coach or a sounding board for your work-related problems. You should try to engage on a personal level with your spouse, not only on a professional level.

Sometimes, we get wrapped up into our jobs; it happens to the best spouses. However, there may be other reasons why you are diving headfirst into your office instead of getting home to your significant other. Consider what might be the best path for you and your future.


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