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Motorcycle Accidents Continue to be a Problem

With motorcycles comes a sense of freedom on an open road. The feel of the wind. The panoramic view. These and other “perks” make the two-wheel conveyances extremely popular.

However, there exists a flip side to freedom.

Unlike cars and trucks, motorcycles do not have the protection of a metal enclosure and any form of restraints. A sudden collision with another vehicle usually results in more severe injuries suffered by the cyclist. In far too many accidents, death is the outcome.

The Realities of Riding

Carsurance recently released data that undercovered some stunning revelations behind the reality on roads nationwide:

  • The moment a cyclist starts the engine, they are close to 30 times more likely to die than passengers in a car
  • 2018 saw nearly 5,000 riders killed in motorcycle crashes
  • The type of bike purchased makes a difference as Supersport motorcycle riders increase their odds of death by four times
  • Overall, motorcycles account for 14% of all traffic fatalities, even though they only make up three percent of registered vehicles
  • Approximately a third of accidents are the result of driving under the influence with 20 percent involving excessive speeding
  • All-important helmets reduce head injury risks by 69 percent and death by close to 50 percent
  • Warm weather states have a higher fatality rate with Nevada at number one in deaths
  • The average age of those who lost their lives was 43 in 2016, bringing the 40-and-older age demographic to 54 percent of all fatalities
  • Conversely, Motorcycle drivers between 16 and 24 have a higher incidence of accidents

Safety Comes in Simply Being Seen

A frequent claim by drivers following a collision with a motorcycle is that they simply didn’t “see” the rider, even though engines are traditionally louder. One of the more prominent causes of accidents involves cars making left turns and cyclists attempt to split lanes with a larger vehicle.

Regardless of age or choice of bike, traveling via motorcycle presents risks that require proactive measures by not only cyclists but everyone sharing the road.  


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