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Don’t underestimate the downsides of NJ and PA traffic tickets

It’s easy to do, and an arguably understandable response.

Today’s blog focus is on traffic tickets, which comprises a vast universe of possibilities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Law enforcers in both states routinely issue citations for widely varied behind-the-wheel infractions.

And cited motorists often downplay their potential effects. Some ignore tickets. Others procrastinate when it comes to dealing with them. Drivers sometimes miss payment deadlines or in-person hearings relevant to ticket issuance. Some even flatly refuse to interact at all in the wake of an issued offense.

Central to all those motivations is an assumption commonly held by legions of drivers.

That is this: A traffic citation is just not a big deal. Ultimately, it either goes away or you cough up a bit of money when it becomes clear that a violation must be dealt with.

Some baseline realities regarding traffic violations

Here’s a flat-out truth concerning issued tickets. Law enforcers don’t consider those as negotiable levies. Tickets in New Jersey and Pennsylvania have proverbial teeth. They are handed out with an expectation that they will be timely responded to and satisfied.

A proven legal source on traffic offenses in both states duly underscores that. It notes that “the criminal justice system seeks quick resolutions to criminal matters.”

Failure to recognize that imperative can yield truly harsh – and often unanticipated – consequences for an affected driver.

Common penalties linked to a behind-the-wheel citation

Many people think only about the need to write a check following ticket issuance, but the outcome following a violation often yields consequences more varied and far-ranging than that. Here are just some representative examples of common exactions:

  • one or more court appearances
  • fees, fines and various other additional costs
  • materially spiked insurance premiums (and sometimes loss of coverage)
  • mandatory attendance in rehabilitative programs
  • ignition interlock device installation
  • suspended or revoked license
  • incarceration

Securing experienced legal help following ticket issuance

A downside outcome in a traffic case is a distinct possibility of course, but it is often far from an assured result. A seasoned criminal defense legal team with a record of strong advocacy in traffic violation matters can employ a strategy crafted to maximally mitigate adverse consequences.


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