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Denied SSI And SSDI Claims

It’s true. Most applications are denied. The most common reasons for denial include:

  • Not having the medical documentation to support a finding of disability
  • Not having enough “work credits” to qualify for the SSDI program
  • Social Security agreeing you cannot perform your past job, but believing you can do some other job instead

Because most applications are denied, it is important not to be discouraged by a letter of denial. If your application is denied, you can appeal it. Pennsylvania and New Jersey follow different appeal processes, but both processes often lead to a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge. It is at the hearing stage that the highest percentage of applicants are granted benefits. Our attorneys can help you get to that stage and represent you at that hearing.

The Social Security Disability application and appeal process is complex, but our team is committed to helping you understand them. Call one of our conveniently located offices in New Jersey or Pennsylvania to schedule a consultation, or reach us online.