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Your Rights In Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, when a worker suffers a work-related injury, he or she is entitled to several rights under the law, such as:

  1. Right to wage loss benefits: You have the right to receive timely wage loss benefits up to $1,049 per week for every week you are unable to work. If you are able to work part time, you are entitled to a partial payment for that period of time.
  2. Right to full medical coverage: During the first 90 days, you are required to treat with your employer’s doctor, but after those 90 days, you are free to choose whatever doctor you wish. You need the doctor you select to determine if you can return to work.
  3. Right to a lump sum payment: Once treatment is resolved, you may have the right to receive a lump sum payment. When you receive a lump sum payment, your case is closed permanently, resulting in the cessation of monetary benefits and medical rights. Ours attorneys can help negotiate any lump sum settlement to maximize your recovery and compensate you for your losses.

We encourage you to contact our office as soon as possible after your injury so we can best protect your rights. Our attorneys want you to be fully aware and informed of your rights under the law, and we are committed to making sure our clients obtain the best results possible.