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SSI And SSDI Appeals

If you applied for Social Security disability benefits (SSDI or SSI) and have been denied, it is important to know that these decisions can be appealed. In fact, most people who apply for disability benefits are not granted benefits on their application but, instead, are granted benefits after filing an appeal.

How Do I Appeal A Social Security Disability Benefit Denial?

When you appeal the denial of your application, be prepared to answer some of the same questions you answered when you applied, such as prior medical treatment, work history, and other personal details like education and prior marriages.

Before you appeal, make sure you know which doctors and hospitals have treated you since you first applied for disability benefits. Social Security often requests updated records from your doctors, as well as any changes in your medications, medical condition, or work history since your initial application was submitted.

Perhaps the most important tip to remember with Social Security appeals is your deadline. You are only given sixty days to appeal a Social Security denial. A late appeal can result in an applicant having to start the entire application process over from the beginning. Accordingly, if you would like to hire an attorney to file your appeal, make sure you contact the attorney as soon as you receive your denial letter to ensure you meet the appeal deadline.

The Social Security Disability application and appeal process is complex, but our team is committed to helping you understand them. Call one of our conveniently located offices in New Jersey or Pennsylvania to schedule a consultation, or reach us online.