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Drunk driving is behind many New Jersey and Pennsylvania traffic deaths

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2018 | Personal Injury

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Despite laws against drunk driving and widespread public awareness of its dangers, drunk driving continues to have a major presence out on U.S. roads. As NHTSA data indicates, this unsafe driving conduct continues to take too many lives in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

According to this data, in the last decade, Pennsylvania saw more than 300 deaths every year from drunk driving crashes. New Jersey saw more than 100 deaths. In 2018, those numbers increased. There were 314 drunk driving fatalities in Pennsylvania and 125 in New Jersey.

The data also indicates that in both states, drunk driving fatalities make up a major portion of crash deaths. Of Pennsylvania’s traffic deaths in 2017, around 28 percent came from crashes involving drunk driving. In New Jersey, crashes involving drunk driving were around 20 percent of the state’s traffic deaths.

What would you like to see done when it comes to drunk driving prevention here in New Jersey and Pennsylvania?

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