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February 2016 Archives

Filing A Restraining Order In The Lehigh Valley

restraining order.jpgLiving life in an abusive relationship is something no one should have to suffer through. It is never your fault, and it is never okay. But often, escaping the grasp of an abuser is not as simple as walking away or ending the abusive relationship. If you live with your abuser, have children with your abuser, or if you do not know how to end your abuser's controlling and violent behavior, you may wish to seek a Restraining Order, or a "Protection from Abuse Order," as they are known in Pennsylvania.

Dealing with Child Custody Issues around the Holidays

holidays divorce.jpgWhen a couple goes through a separation or divorce, there are many difficult issues that must be sorted out. Those issues only become more complex when there are children involved. Parents often struggle to come up with solutions regarding child support and child custody arrangements,& ;especially around the holidays when both parents are eager to have their children spend time with them.

New Jersey Construction Accidents

workers3 comp.jpgHundreds of accidents occur on construction sites across New Jersey. Just last week there was a horrible accident in Hanover, New Jersey where two workers were killed. Therefore, it is important to have an understanding of Workers' Compensation insurance on work sites in order to determine the proper course of action following a construction accident in New Jersey.

NJ Losing jug handles?

jughandle.gifNew proposed legislation would eliminate the construction of new jug handles as new road created or old roads updated. Such a measure was attempted 10 years ago, but it failed.

Applying for Social Security Dis ability? Use a Local Attorney.

Applying for Social Security Dis ability benefits can be a difficult task. Most people who are filing for dis ability benefits have questions about the application process. What questions will I be asked? What information will I need to have in order to apply? Fortunately, the Social Security Administration makes the process a bit simpler by providing applicants with an application checklist which can be downloaded from their website. If you don't have access to a computer, you can also get a copy of this checklist from your local Social Security office.

Workers Suffer Rare Injuries During Cold Temperatures

As you are aware, temperatures will dip to well below freezing in the Lehigh Valley. Whether you live in Easton, Bethlehem, Allentown, the Lehigh Valley or across the river in Phillipsburg, Hackettstown, or Northern New Jersey, you will experience frigid weather. Many workers will be forced to bare the cold weather and work outside. Some employers will be mindful of their employees and make sure the workers have proper clothing and dress warm. Also, employers can provide heaters or other equipment to keep workers warm. Unfortunately, if you work in the construction industry, you will be forced to work outside. Many jobs require workers to use their hands and must be able to use fine manipulation of their fingers. Wearing gloves can often stop the worker from being able to complete the job that requires pressing small bottoms or using smaller hand-held tools. One common workers compensation injury that occurs when temperatures dip to zero degrees is frostbite. Too often, workers are required to maintain a certain work pace and will not use the proper gloves in an attempt to get the job done. An exposed hand in severe temperatures, can cause work injuries to the fingers and hand. In the event the fingers or hand suffer severe frostbite, amputations can occur. Depending on which state these injuries occur will dictate the remedy to the workers hand.

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