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December 2019 Archives

The hazardous combination of parking lots and pedestrians

The holidays usually lead to an influx of seasonal shoppers and unaware drivers in most retail parking lots. It’s frustrating as a pedestrian to try to navigate the parking lot and make sure that you and your entire family is safe.

How to prevent winter chills as an outdoor worker

When most people think about brutal winters, they think about Alaska, Minnesota or Wisconsin as the kings of the snowy season. However, east coast residents know how brutally cold the east coast gets, especially as we head into January.

Cautions of Driving with Prescriptions

As societal norms have changed in recent years, the use of controlled substances, legal and illegal, has increased exponentially. While there are divergent views on whether we benefit from a more medicated populace, one thing is certain. We all agree that the roadways should be safe from impaired drivers. Just because you hold a prescription from a physician, that does not mean you can, or should, operate a motor vehicle as that prescription is not a license to drive.

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