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Month: April 2020

Protecting Prisoners From COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic doesn’t discriminate. This virus is killing thousands of people globally by the day. While many people and organizations are trying to do their part in flattening the curve – this includes jails. How jails go about instituting the appropriate...

Ending a Marriage amidst a Pandemic

As a marriage falls apart, spouses begin to consider the possibility of divorce. They conduct searches online for insight from others who have gone through the process. From there, they usually search for legal representation from a skilled family law attorney. Some...

Potential Dangers of a Commonly Used Drug

Heartburn is anything but a minor affliction, particularly for the people who suffer from it. It is caused by acid reflux, where stomach contents travel up the esophagus. Pain takes various forms. For some, it’s sharp and burning, particularly in the chest area....


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