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Remote Work and Work-Related Injuries in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

by | Apr 23, 2024 | Firm News

After the Covid Pandemic, the work world changed, and several jobs became remote.  Gone were the days of driving a long distance to work.  Remote workers could now wake up in the morning and turn on their computer to start the day.  This change in the work environment has caused several new issues when a remote worker suffers an injury in their home.  Examples of remote work injuries could be tripping over a computer cord attached to the work computer and suffering a broken ankle.   Insurance companies will certainly question any physical injury which occurs in the employee’s residence.   Several employers will require the employee to designate a room to be used for work in the residence and provide a photo of the room to the employer.  Employers have actively monitored the workstations for remote employees.

For a remote worker, an injury during the course and scope of his/her work can be more difficult to prove or define.  First, there will not be co-workers to witness the accident. Second, the remote workers boss or supervisor is not in the same home or building.  Therefore, timely reporting injuries that occur during remote work are key.   Supervisors should be notified immediately by email or text message.

In addition to a remote worker suffering an injury at his/her desk, a remote worker is more prone to make small trips outside the home during the workday.  A remote worker who leaves their home to obtain something for work (i.e. computer accessories, camera, thumb drive) and suffers an injury while traveling can also be a work-related event.

If you have suffered an injury as a remote worker, you should consult an attorney to discuss your rights in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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