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Month: August 2007

Child support in pennsylvania

Whether you are the obligee or the obligor, an important thing to remember is that an ordered child support amount is determined based on Pennsylvania's support guidelines calculation of how much money it is believed is needed to support a child. Many people find...

Legal Aspects of Apartments

The relationship between a landlord and tenant is a common, yet complex one. Beneath the surface of the exchange of money for a place to live are a series of transactions, promises and rights that are not always acknowledged at the start of the landlord/tenant...

Jury Acquits Defendant

Charles Henderson, 62, of the 300 Block of Washington Street was represented by Scott M. Wilhelm, Esq. Mr. Henderson was charged with First Degree Aggravated Sexual Assault and Second Degree Child endangerment. . The first degree charge carried a sentence of up to 20...


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