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Do you have unpaid medical bills?

On Behalf of | May 16, 2007 | Workers' Compensation

Unfortunately, many workers who suffer an injury require hospitalization and surgery. Under the New Jersey Compensation System, the compensation carrier has the right to control your medical care. If the compensation carrier denies your case, you will receive medicals bills in the mail. THIS IS AN OVERWHELMING EXPERIENCE. The medical bills sent by a hospital are generally high when you do not have medical insurance and the compensation carrier refuses to pay those bills. If an insurance company is involved, the medical bills get “repriced”. In other words, the insurance company tells the hospital it is willing to pay a smaller amount. The hospital generally cannot then balance bill the patient. However, when there is no insurance company, injured workers should contact the hospital and ask about a charity care program. Charity Care programs allow injured workers with no insurance to pay a substantially lower amount for medical bills.

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