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Proving Fault in Head-on Accident Cases

Auto accidents of all kinds can be extremely serious and result in life-changing injuries. Because of this, it’s of the utmost importance that the victims or accidents or their loved ones get in touch with skilled personal injury attorneys. By doing this, they can initiate legal proceedings against the person or party responsible for an auto accident and receive compensation for injuries and losses. This is an important part not just of the healing process but of our legal system.& ;


Right now, we want to focus on head-on auto accidents and discuss matters related to proving fault in these kinds of cases. Proving fault is crucial for these kinds of matters.

About Head-On Auto Accidents

Head-on auto accidents refer to cases in which the front ends of two vehicles collide. This can occur when both vehicles are traveling in opposite directions or when a moving vehicle collides with a stationary vehicle.

These head-on collisions tend to be common on two-lane roads. Some of the most common causes of these kinds of accidents include reckless driving, drunk driving, distracted drivers, or unsafe attempts to pass other motorists on narrow/two-lane roads.

The Seriousness of Head-On Auto Accidents

Head-on auto accidents tend to be among the most serious kinds of motor vehicle collisions. A vehicle generates lots of force when it collides with another vehicle. This is particularly true when two moving vehicles traveling in opposite directions strike one another.

What does it means to “prove fault”?

Proving fault basically means proving who was responsible for the accident occurring. While this often means another motorist, there are outside factors to consider as well.

If an auto part malfunctions, for instance, the maker of the auto part may be at fault or partially at fault for the accident. Similarly, if a trucking company has policies that result in fatigued or inattentive drivers, the trucking company may be at fault for contributing to the auto accident occurring.

Assessing Available Evidence

In order to determine fault, our auto accident attorneys will look over all available evidence. This means police reports, witness accounts, personal photos, medical records, and so forth. This helps in creating a full picture of what happened.

Accidents Recreation Models

Using all evidence at our disposal, our legal team will also recreate the accident using digital models. This will help demonstrate the events of the accident as they happened, and will help determine who is truly at fault for the collision occurring.

Compensation for Injury and Losses

We will hold the at-fault party accountable, seeking both compensatory damages and punitive damages. The former will cover material losses and injuries (e.g., medical bills, lost wages, damaged property) and the latter will punish the responsible party for negligence and recklessness.

In the case of a death in a head-on collision, our legal team will also seek compensation to address the tragedy of the loss of a loved one. While this will not bring a loved one back, it will help aid in covering funeral costs and address the emotional suffering of the death.

Learn More About Auto Accident Litigation

If you would like more information about auto accident cases and what our team of legal experts can do for you and your needs, be sure to contact our Phillipsburg, NJ personal injury lawyers today. We all look forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve the best possible legal outcomes.

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