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New Jersey and Pennsylvania Knee Injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2017 | Injuries


New Jersey and Pennsylvania workers are susceptible to knee injuries during the late fall season in our area. As fall is upon us, the leaves tend to change color and there is a constant breeze around us. Whether you are an office worker, or your job requires frequent deliveries, this is the time of year numerous workers suffer injuries.

Specifically, as the wind continues to swirl, the leaves fall from the trees and are constantly blown in our walking path. Rain and morning dew falling on these leaves provide a dangerous slippery surface. As a result, workers routinely slip and twist their knee while walking into their office or making a delivery. The safety tips below are sure to help.

First, it is important to wear the proper footwear this fall while you are working outside. For example, an office worker required to wear dress shoes or high heels, should often wear outdoor suitable shoes while walking into work and change to the proper shoe attire once safety inside. Although this requires somewhat of an effort, it will eliminate the risk of injury.

Second, always pay attention to the path you are walking while outside. Often delivery persons are on a tight schedule and tend to be carrying packages. The packages may obstruct the delivery persons’ line of sight. It is important for each delivery person to take a moment to survey the area and making sure the area is clear of any fallen leaves, twigs, or even large acorns which can cause ankle and knee injuries.

Third, always be on the look out to help your follow worker should you spot a dangerous condition. For example, a clump of wet leaves near an exit door can be a hazard for workers leaving the premises. If you see a dangerous condition, you should report the condition to the building management.

As the above demonstrates, Fall is a great time of year! However, it also can add some risks of injury which are not present during those beautiful summer days. I hope you have a safe and festive fall season.

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