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This week is National Dog Bite Prevention week

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2018 | Personal Injury


During the spring, there’s nothing like taking a dog for a walk (or run). Indeed, spring is slow to come this year, but in no time parks and other greenspaces will have pet owners taking their dogs to frolic and play. When in public, it is not expected that a dog will become scared or enraged and attack someone, but ever so often it does.

This is why the second week of April is important for dog lovers, dog owners and those who are still afraid of dogs for one reason or another. This week is National Dog Bite Prevention week. And as the title suggests, the focus of the week is to educate people on how to reduce the instances of dog attacks and lower the number of injuries that result from such attacks.

To put things in perspective, consider this: dogs are registered pets in millions of homes across the U.S. Many of such homes have children residing in them. Children are the largest group of people to be injured in dog attacks. Sixty six percent of children injured in such attacks are age four and under. The most common injuries are to a child’s head and neck, which is why children tend to suffer the most severe and emotionally traumatizing injuries. Further, dog bite injuries resulted in nearly $700 million in insurance claims being paid.

If you have questions about your rights and options after a dog bite, an experienced personal injury attorney can analyze your situation and advise you accordingly. Contact our firm at 908-454-3200 or visit our website at WWGRLAW.com for more information.

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