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The challenges of driving in the rain

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A rainy day means different things to different people. Some love them, and some hate them. Regardless of how you feel about buckets of water falling from the sky, if you’re out on the roads, a rainy day means trickier driving conditions. Today, we’ll go over two of the big traffic safety challenges rain poses and what drivers can do to address these challenges.

For one, rain presents visibility problems. It can make it considerably more difficult for you to see other vehicles and for other vehicles to see you.

One thing that helps to increase your visibility during a rain storm is having working wiper blades. It is important to regularly check and clean the blades on your car to ensure they are effectively clearing the water off your windshield. If the blades get damaged in a way that keeps them from working properly, it is wise to replace them.

Second, because rain can impair visual conditions, it is important to check your mirrors for other vehicles, particularly when changing lanes. Having your headlights on also helps to increase the likelihood other drivers will see your car when it rains.

Lastly, rain can make it harder to stay in full control of your vehicle. It can create slick road conditions and present dangers of hydroplaning. In order to avoid a loss of vehicle control in rainy weather, one can do the following:

  • Make sure your tires have a proper amount of tread
  • Keep your speed at the speed limit or below
  • Avoid using cruise control
  • Keep a larger amount of space between you and other vehicles
  • Be extra careful when passing other cars
  • Exercise special care when approaching puddles to avoid hydroplaning
  • If your vehicle starts hydroplaning, keep your hands on the wheel and use your brakes gradually to slow the vehicle down

Unfortunately, while you can do things to ensure you’re driving safely in rain, there is no guarantee other drivers will do the same. Negligent drivers can cause a lot of harm in bad weather conditions, and they can trigger major car crashes. For this reason, it is especially important to take caution while on the road and to encourage others to do the same.

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