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How common is domestic violence?

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Domestic violence can happen to anyone, but how often does it happen? Unfortunately, statistics prove that this type of abuse is very common.

According to estimates from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence:

  • One in three women have experienced physical violence from a partner during their lives
  • One in four men have experienced physical violence from a partner over the course of their lifetime
  • One in four women and one in seven men have experienced severe levels of domestic violence

This just covers physical violence. There are many types of domestic abuse beyond physical violence.

In a recent survey by the Allstate Foundation, 55 percent of the respondents said that they had experienced domestic violence or knew someone who was a victim of such abuse.

The survey also suggests that while domestic violence is a widespread problem, many people are reluctant to talk about it. About one third of the respondents stated that they did not report the abuse.

While domestic abuse can be a difficult topic to discuss, having conversations about it is important. Increasing public dialogue and awareness of domestic violence could greatly help in the battle against this serious and widespread problem.

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