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Retirement an important issue to address when getting married

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2019 | Family Law


There are many things that are critical for couples to make plans for when getting married, but these plans go far beyond the details of the wedding.

One thing couples may want to consider discussing sooner rather than later is retirement.

Why engaged couples should discuss retirement

Retirement may seem a long way off for many soon-to-be-married individuals. However, discussing retirement in the beginning months and years of marriage can have major impacts on their long-term goals, both as individuals and as a couple. Therefore, discussing this issue and coordinating your plans before getting married could be the key to ensuring you start off on the path to the retirement you want.

Discussing retirement and other financial issues prior to tying the knot can also help soon to-be-married individuals with getting on the same page and setting clear expectations. This could help head off future financial arguments and stress.

Protecting future retirement goals

Divorce is another reason to give retirement issues careful thought when getting married. A divorce can have a range of impacts on a person’s financial situation. In some cases, these impacts could endanger one’s retirement goals.

Considering what measures to take in order to protect one’s future retirement from a possible divorce is among the steps one can take prior to getting married. In some instances, engaged individuals may find that forming a prenuptial agreement that addresses retirement savings and other important assets can be a helpful protective measure.

Our family law attorneys can provide soon-to-be-married individuals with guidance on what planning and asset protection goals might look like. For assistance, please contact our attorneys today.

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