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Criminal convictions can impact your occupational license

On Behalf of | May 31, 2019 | Criminal Defense

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An individual’s career goals can be at stake when he or she is facing criminal charges, particularly for those people who are in, or desire to one day be in, a field that requires an occupational license.

In Pennsylvania, dozens of professions, such as nursing and barbering, are licensed. A criminal conviction can make getting or keeping an occupational license much more difficult. It can create significant roadblocks for people who are trying to get their lives back together after serving jail time or experiencing other criminal penalties.

Currently in Pennsylvania, legislation is being considered which could lower the barriers that individuals with convictions on their record can face when it comes to licensed positions. Two bills have been put forward which would generally ban the state from using a person’s criminal history as grounds for taking away or refusing to grant an occupational license. The main exception to this ban would be that licenses could still be revoked or denied if a person’s criminal history has a direct connection to the profession in question.

What do you think of these proposed laws? Do you think they will be passed? What impacts do you think they would have on the overall fairness of the criminal justice system in Pennsylvania?

Skilled defense attorneys can help people facing criminal charges understand what impacts their case could have on their particular career goals and what can be done to protect their future opportunities. 

If you have been convicted of a crime and are concerned about losing your license, please contact our attorneys immediately for assistance.

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