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The Reemergence of Scooters Bring Safety Concerns

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2019 | Personal Injury

Collisions involving cars and trucks often involve motor vehicles of approximately equal sizes, cement barriers on roads, or structures that include building and trucks.

It is safe to say that a collision with tumbleweeds would cause minimal if any injuries or vehicle damage.

Motorized scooters are growing in prominence. Businesses are getting in on the act and providing cities with outdoor “rent-a-scooter” kiosks. Once the purview of children powering the conveyance with their legs, adults are traveling sidewalks throughout the country on two wheels.

On enthusiast, in particular, was “scootering” through Denver, only to come upon a tumbleweed. The “collision” resulted in the scooter’s sudden stop, throwing the rider headfirst over the handlebars. He suffered two broken teeth.

Injuries are on the rise early in the scooter’s reemergence. Travelers are still becoming accustomed to the vehicles. Some are driving dangerously. The mere chance of being pitched forward due to a seemingly harmless obstacle requires riders to pay more attention to their surroundings, particularly when sharing a sidewalk with pedestrians.

Some studies estimate that scooter operators are ten times more likely to have accidents than bicycle riders. Critics are focusing on the design of the scooters, specifically the wheels. The typical size is one-third of what bicycles have. Also, they are made with rubber, a more slippery substance.

At 18 mph maximum speeds, riders could suffer catastrophic injuries by traveling over something as seemingly harmless as paint strips and sidewalk cracks.

As cities throughout the United States consider implementing and expanding e-scooter programs, manufacturers must step up to ensure that what they are selling adheres to the highest standards of safety.

The competitive nature of the industry is resulting in improved models that address past problems. As with any motorized vehicle, scooter riders must maintain the same levels of safe operation.

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