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How Can Social Media Impact My Divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2022 | Divorce, Family Law

Social media has become a pillar of modern society. People use these platforms to connect, discuss important issues, and organize events or meetups. Many people also use social media to occasionally blow off a little steam and find support from their network.

While social media use is primarily harmless, people involved in legal litigation, like a divorce, may want to watch what they post. A disgruntled spouse may use an otherwise innocuous post as evidence of infidelity, hidden assets, or worse.

Guidelines For Using Social Media During Divorce

Social media posts are rarely as private as anyone thinks. Some things said online can significantly impact the courtroom and end up hurting the poster in negotiations. The following guidelines can help spouses considering divorce protect themselves and their future.

  1. Refrain from discussing the divorce or one’s spouse. Although turning to social media for support through tough times is pretty standard, ranting or complaining about the proceedings or unfair treatment can discredit a person’s character, and can even lead to a libel suit.
  2. Stop posting photos. Social media standards, like sharing pictures of a night out with friends can heavily impact divorce proceedings. An aggressive lawyer may use these images as evidence of impropriety or infidelity.
  3. Don’t check into locations. Many social media sites allow people to “check-in” to places when they go out to eat or attend a social gathering. Those divorcing an abusive spouse may put themselves in danger by letting them know their real-time location.
  4. Communicate only with trustworthy contacts. Married couples often share friend circles, but divorce can severely disrupt these relationships. Many people find that these supposed private communications have been forwarded to their spouse, which can complicate negotiations.
  5. Temporarily disable social media. The best way to protect oneself from inadvertently compromising their divorce is by shutting down social media during the negotiations. 

An Attorney Can Help Prevent Issues

A lawyer well-versed in contemporary family law issues can help identify social media problems before they start. Securing a speedy and problem-free divorce is often every involved party’s goal, so finding the right lawyer can go a long way. 

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